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I agreed to be a Distributor of Boxer Brand Menu Covers to help other Photographers and small businesses who only want a small quantity of menu covers ... and not the required 24 buy-in minimum.  I LOVE my menu covers - they add a touch of elegance to my in-person consultations.  Please help me share this wonderful product!

The menu covers fit two US letter size sheets (8.5" x 11").   They are blank / plain ... no logo printing.   Check out the three styles I typically source and their various colors by clicking these informational links:  (each blue word is a link ... click them!)   SLENDERS - METALLICS - CLASSIC.  If you don't see the color & style you want in stock, feel free to start a new group buy-in ... you never know who may want the same color & style as you.  Happy to accommodate other sizes, styles and finishes on a case-by-case basis ... but remember, the buy-in is usually upwards of 12, so we need to have some group interest.

Below is a summary of the Menu Covers I have on-hand.

STOCK ON HAND:  These covers take two 8.5" x 11" printed sheets:

These numbers are actual numbers in stock - I update it after each order!

3 Metallics TITANIUM/SILVER, brushed finish (ready to ship now!)

2 Metallics BLACK, brushed finish (ready to ship now!)

8 Metallics BLUSH (pale pink), brushed finish (ready to ship now!)


METALLICS:  One, shipped within the US, Priority Mail  $45.00


(Click on product name to see product information on the Manufacturers Website)

SLENDERS  $65* for 2 menu covers, shipped within the USA, Priority Mail.  Additional menus $30* each (shipping remains the same for up to 8 menu covers)

METALLICS  $75* for 2 menu covers, shipped within the USA, Priority Mail.  Additional menus $35*each (shipping remains the same for up to 6 menu covers)

* Sales tax applies to orders shipped to MA

I use an amazing application - 17hats  - that has revolutionized the way I do business!  In fact, you'll see it in action as I use it to invoice everyone, handle on-line payments, book-keeping and track email communications with all of you!  If you enjoy how seamlessly this product works, click the following link for a free trial and receive 10% off when you sign up.


I am happy to quote for shipping to other countries.  Canada and Europe typically add about $35 to total postage.


All orders are final.  No refunds or exchanges.   

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