I am drawn to Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Friends … people like me.

One blink, and my age had a permanent 4 in it (a while ago). I regret that I am increasingly absent in photos because I don't look as young as I feel. I actively avoid the camera ... unless I'm using it to photograph you.

THIS has inspired me to create a Transformation Portraiture Experience for you that is personal, comfortable and professional ... yet bold and courageous. A transforming, empowering, inspiring series of moments captured in images for ever.

Your family would love a beautiful photo of you.  (You probably know that!)  A photo that YOU also love!  Trust me, and my team of make-up artists and hair stylists, and show everyone (including yourself) your radiance. 

Call me to schedule your free "Transformation Experience" consultation  - 781-929-9990.  Click here to email me.

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